About Us

Nowadays, T-Rex has a rich product line from model modification parts to complete AFV kits and figures, which has won the favor of many modelers in a short time. Many modelers are willing to choose T-Rex products to get the best modeling effect and save a lot of assembly time. But, did you know? A few years ago, T-Rex was just a small studio in Dalian city, China, providing product design services and project support for major injection model brands around the world. Now, to tell our story.

T-Rex was founded in 2015 by 28-year-old Dino Sun, who spent his childhood in Dalian, a famous tourist city in northern China with its beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, mountains and sea, and known as the city of romance. At that time, Dalian, as the leading city in Northeast China, was at the forefront of China in terms of economy and culture. At that time, when many Chinese people still did not know what scale model kits was, the streets and the stores of Dalian were already filled with a large number of plastic model kits.


Since his childhood, Dino loved drawing and entered the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, the highest collage of art in China, to study industrial design, specializing in transportation design, but after graduation, he did not choose to engage in automotive design, but entered the model industry out of interest. His in-depth design skills and design thinking training in college were important to his rapid success in the model industry. During his college years, Dino made hundreds of model works and published a lot of works and technical tutorials in Chinese mainstream media and magazines, and became well known to everyone.

The explosion of the model industry in China started in 2011, marked by the establishment of the famous brand MENG. Fresh out of college, Dino was fortunate enough to be a founding member of MENG and was responsible for the project development side of the business. He led the design of projects such as the Pickup Truck, Merkava 3D and Leopard 2A4, among other famous products.


In 2015 Dino left MENG and returned from Beijing to his hometown Dalian and set up T-Rex Studio with TAKOM's T-14 ARMATA tank as his first project. Since then, the T-Rex logo has been widely seen on many  box tops. From MENG's M1 Abrams series to TAKOM's full interior Panther series, the injection molded products designed and developed by T-Rex are recognized and praised by the market for his professional R&D attitude and friendly assembly design. Nowadays, T-Rex has a mature model design method to provide quality model design service for more modelers.

Although years of experience have developed excellent injection model design skills, Dino, who loves models deeply, has to compromise with injection molding by omitting details. The production process of injection molding is the shackles that limit the further refinement and simulation of the model, and the modelers have been using PE and resin parts to enhance the accuracy and simulation of the model. But the PE does not solve all the problems, not only the degree of simulation still can not meet the expectations of modelers, but also the difficulty of process, to spend a lot of precious time, so that it takes months to complete a wonderful work which is a great drain on the life of the modelers, but also  limits the number of works of the modelers.


Based on such thinking, T-Rex model products were born, Dino will give full play to the experience gained in the past, and combine new technology, add new ideas and design , and strive to create a model product that is realistic and full of details, while while the modeling process is convenient and time-saving.


Today, Dino is leading the T-Rex design team to become a world-renowned model brand, and T-Rex will always design and manufacture products with modelers in mind. T-Rex is a good partner to relieve the heavy workload of modelers and save their precious time!